Change is GOOD!

Change can lead YOU to something awesome. Whether it's good or not so good, rise to the occasion and take it head on! Sometimes change can be a bad sitch, but that can lead to something even more wonderful. 

From as far back as I can remember, I have always embraced change. When I started a DC magazine called Definition, I was on top of the World until I got the rug pulled out from under me.  I had a couple of partners who wanted to claim my ideas as their own. They felt since they were financially backing the project they could do whatever they wanted. So I called a lawyer friend of mine. I mailed out the Cease and Desist Letters, gave the Partners back their money, and shut down the magazine right before it went to print.. Did I lose money? Hell yeah, but money is not everything. I wasn't about to let anyone take over what I worked so hard to create.  That painful moment paved the way for me to start my very own handmade jewelry company Girl Mischief, which led to my tech company KardZee and now Boubella.  I'm working hard to build these 3 companies and I LOVE it.

Change happens. Roll with it! You never know where it can take you.  

Don't shy from change. Embrace it! 


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